Planting Guide

We have put together this comprehensive planting guide and care tips to help ensure your success in the growth of our hemp clones. Please reach out for any further questions you may have that we have not answered below.

One of our healthy hemp clones.

One of our healthy hemp clones.


• We make every attempt to ensure that your plants are hardened off prior to leaving our cultivation facility.

• Transplant clones out of count trays within a few days!!

• For maximum yields, plant outdoors between mid May and early July to allow them to become large plants before starting to flower. 

• All hemp varieties we offer are photoperiodic, meaning they begin to flower based on hours of daylight. 

Plant Spacing

• The space required for a successful hemp crop varies depending on:

    • planting time

    • fertility

    • water (irrigation or rainfall)

    • hemp variety characteristics

• Most hemp varieties are rapid growing and produce plants that can be over 8 feet tall and up to 8 feet wide.

• Good airflow and light penetration are important for disease management and good bud formation.

• A 6 x 6 foot spacing will allow about 1200 plants per acre.

• A 8 x 8 foot spacing allows about 800 plants per acre.

• We recommend spacing compact plants like our “Cherry Hemp” a minimum of 5 to 6 feet apart.

• We recommend as much as 8 feet distance between our vigorous “Sweetened” variety hemp. 

Our Super CBD variety

Our Super CBD variety

The leaves of our Cherry hemp variety.

The leaves of our Cherry hemp variety.

Healthy Plant Physiological Response

It is normal response in the propagation cycle for the fan shaped leaves to yellow and or die off. It is also possible that the lower leaves may yellow or completely die and fall off.